Surround area

Lyttos, formerly called Xydas, is a village in the north of central Crete, 20 km away from Heraklion airport. It is located 3 miles southeast of Kastelli, where previously there was the ancient Lyttos, to the west foothills of the Lassithi Mountains with panoramic views.

The place is ideal for nature activities, winter and summer, such as cycling, climbing, hiking, and off the beaten track routes. There are several nature trails here that one can follow.

Coming out of the village towards the village of Askoi, one can encounter the Spyridiano water-fountain and refresh oneself with its water, under the shade of walnut and plane trees. Then you can visit the churches of St. George and the Holy Cross and enjoy the wonderful view of the valley from above. There are also archaeological sites nearby, such as the Parliament House and the ancient Agora, as well as remains of the cobbled road since the heyday of ancient Lyttos.

Nowadays one can see nine windmills, 4 of which are in good condition, where in the past residents used to grind their grains. Lassithi Plateau with its amazing beauty (mountains, gorges, caves) and the cosmopolitan peninsula with its beautiful beaches and nightlife are just 8 and 14 km respectively.